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Curriculum Intent

A Curriculum for all developed by the West Rise Team.

The wonderful Wellbeing First West Rise Curriculum was created as a progressive and unique vehicle for learning designed to ensure that each child is supported during their time with us to ‘Be the Best that they can Be.’

But more than that, in offering a Curriculum which explicitly teaches children the essential ‘roots of wellbeing’ we can provide children with the tools to become resilient, careful and compassionate learners with a desire to continue to learn as they progress throughout their education.

Alongside a careful tailoring of the National Curriculum, the Learning Tree enables us to teach the children the essential skills and attitudes to develop holistically.

Staff, in collaboration with the governors, coherently plan our curriculum. We cover not only the statutory requirements provided by the National Curriculum and EYFS framework but also ensure that the children’s personal education is developed. The National Curriculum allows for continuity, depth and breadth, whilst our culture of developing the whole child allows the children to be the best they can be.

With strong roots we know that the child will be anchored and nurtured so as to fully flourish and grow.

The West Rise Learning Tree presents and a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum created for the children and families that we serve. Developed for our children from our local catchment we have a Curriculum which impacts positively on the growth of the whole child which is an aim which sits at the heart of our school ethos, values and learning so not surprisingly, the Learning Tree is built on enabling Inclusion and full engagement.

With a careful weaving together of The National Curriculum, wellbeing first practices, excitement and fun, the West Rise children tell us that they love their School and learning.

We seek to ensure very best progress and best outcomes from the end of Infant School and beyond and to ensure this, at the point of delivery the curriculum is tailored carefully to ensure that each child can excel. To engage the children, capture their imagination and create ‘awe and wonder’ we introduce our progressively planned programmes with a ‘Stunning Start’ and conclude with a ‘Fabulous Finish’.

A key message for us is that our magical curriculum is enhanced by a stimulating learning environment both in classrooms and throughout School, We say that ‘beautiful things happen in beautiful places’ and this is the magic that is felt when people enter West Rise and especially commented upon by our parents/carers, who with an open door philosophy, are warmly welcomed into School.
The Curriculum here lives and breathes.

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is like no education at all’.