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Curriculum Intent


A Curriculum for all developed by the West Rise Team for developing skillful, knowledgeable and happy human beings.

The Wellbeing First, West Rise Curriculum, is a progressive, research based and unique vehicle for learning, designed to ensure that each child receives an exceptional education.  A curriculum which explicitly teaches the essential ‘roots of wellbeing’ so as to enable children to become resilient, motivated, careful and compassionate learners. Through a rich and connected curriculum, we seek to ensure very best progress and very best outcomes.  At the point of delivery, the curriculum is tailored carefully to ensure that each child can excel, be included and experience full engagement.  This is our curriculum Intent.

At West Rise Community Infant School, we aim to create a rich and stimulating curriculum to captivate and inspire each child. Our Curriculum intent is to enable quality learning through exciting experiences, fostering creativity and independence, as well as enabling development and progression through the National Curriculum.  Yet, the West Rise Curriculum is a whole lot more than simply a vehicle to transmit Curriculum orders.  It is a Curriculum designed to ensure that Children’s Personal, Social, Emotional, Moral and Spiritual Development is at the very centre of the Learning Process. This is our curriculum Intent.

Alongside a careful tailoring of the National Curriculum, we have designed a Learning Tree curriculum, complete with roots of Wellbeing First.  The Learning Tree curriculum enables us to teach the children the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to thrive as human beings.  With strong roots we know that the child will be anchored and nurtured so as to fully flourish and grow.  It is our key purpose is to develop human potential in its fullest sense. We believe that the best education secures the full holistic development of every child and this belief sits at the heart of our curriculum.  This is our curriculum Intent.

With a careful weaving together of The National Curriculum, Wellbeing First practices and opportunities to develop deep wells of learning, West Rise children engage, excel and love their school. Research tells us that children need to be given time and space to fully embed knowledge and understanding. At West Rise each child is taught to understand the three key parts of their brain in order to access the focus, self-regulation and attention needed for best learning.  This is our curriculum Intent.

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is like no education at all’.