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Our Setting

West Rise Nursery sits within the grounds of West Rise Community Infant School.  We have our own purpose built secure building with a garden containing a Shamwari Pavillion.

All doors to the Nursery are secured with a code pad, no one can enter or leave without staff opening the doors.  The garden is fenced off and there are no unsecured exists/entrances.

As you enter West Rise Nursery you come into a welcoming foyer where you will see several notice boards to ensure families feel included and involved in their child’s learning as well as pictures of the children and the experiences they have at Nursery. You will also find a disabled toilet in this area.

As you come into the Nursery main room, you will notice it is open plan so that the children are able to flow between the various of areas within this room: the role play area, the home corner, the book corner, the construction area, the maths area, the creative corner, the play-dough table, the writing table, floor play and the mindful area.  Children are encouraged to access provision independently and can freely move between the areas at any time.

Also off the main room are the children’s toilets with child-size amenities, potties and a changing area. We will work with you every step of the way to support your child with potty or toilet training when they are ready.We have doors opening onto the garden from the main room, accessible with a ramp rather than steps. Our garden offers a wide range of wonderful opportunities for play and development allowing the children to make the most of natural resources and work on a larger scale than indoors.

Outdoor play helps children develop in a variety of ways including: independence, exploration and investigation skills, risk taking and self-esteem.  All of which support children in developing skills for now and for their future.

Our garden is accessible all year round with children having the opportunity to move between the indoor and outdoor environments as they please at certain times of the day.

Our garden is a mixture of grass and hard surfaces, we have a decked area that the children sometimes use as a stage and we have our Shamwari Pavillion which is covered area used for a variety of activities such as yoga, stories and quiet play.

We promote the growing of plants and vegetables in our growing patch and we have a mud kitchen where children can play imaginatively with the soil.  Other areas include: a sound wall, chalk boards, sandpits, water play, bug house and an art area.  We also have a vast range of resources such as balance bikes, wooden and balance blocks, hoola-hoops, bean bags and dinosaurs to name but a few.

Also off the main room we have a room called the ‘Wise Owl Room’ this is a dual purpose room, it has tables and chairs and is used daily for snack and lunchtimes, breakfast and afterschool clubs. We also use it for any cooking activities as we have a table top oven. The room is also used as a calm area where we have lights, drapes, cushions and natural holistic items. We do quiet listening and small group work in this area as well.   We also have another child-sized toilet off of this room.

Adjacent to the Wise Owl room we have an additional small garden area which is sometimes used for smaller groups of children or the younger children so they can play with the ‘little Tikes’ toys, plus sand pits and water play if we feel they need some of their own space.  Beyond this garden we also have access to the School’s Honey Bee Garden, where there is a large story telling chair and some willow arches.  It is a safe and natural area that the children can explore safely and freely.

We also have a Wellbeing Room which is a small beautiful room, where children can go with an adult to do mindful breathing and yoga as well as being a calm space for reflection.

Welcome to the wonderful West Rise Nursery.