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School Uniform

Welcome to our school uniform page where you will find all you need to know about our school uniform as well as our book bags and P.E. kit. All school uniform is only available to order online, please click here to place your order.

All the children are required to wear named school uniform at all times, unless it is an organised MUFTI (own clothing) event or it is a child's birthday (own clothing). The school jumpers, cardigans, and P.E. kit are available in various sizes. Each child will need a bookbag with the school logo and these are also available to purchase from the school office.

We supply the children with their own named water bottle to keep in class. The children have free access to their water bottle throughout the school day.


Below you can see some examples of the school uniform that the children are required to wear.                                      

We require children to wear a white polo shirt, a pair of grey or black trousers or a black or grey pinafore dress or skirt (these can be from any shop) with either a school jumper or school cardigan (these items must be ordered through the school uniform shop online).

Sensible flat school shoes not trainers are required at all times for school to ensure safety on the playground.


In the Summer months children can wear any style of school blue and white checked Summer dress or black school shorts (these can be from any shop). We request that all children wear a sun hat at school and ask that you put sunscreen on your child before they come to school. Please continue to ensure your child wears school shoes and not sandals to school for safety reasons.

In the Autumn and Winter months we request that children have an appropriate warm, and preferably waterproof coat to wear.


The school P.E. kit for 3-4 year old's only, can be purchased from the school office. All other sizes need to be purchased via the online school uniform shop. The P.E. kit is a requirement and is sold as a set – a white round neck t-shirt with the school logo and a pair of shorts that can be pulled in at the waist as needed, and comes supplied in a drawstring bag.  It is also necessary for the children to have appropriate footwear for P.E. lessons, plimsolls are preferred but trainers are also acceptable.                    

If you have any questions regarding the school uniform please do not hesitate to contact the school office.