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Being part of West Rise Nursery is like being part of a family.  West Rise Nursery is a nurturing environment perfect for all children to thrive.  I have a strong support network within the Nursery as well as the infant and junior school.  West Rise has an amazing range of activities and resources the children enjoy. Mine especially enjoy the outside area.

Caroline is the heart of West Rise Nursery.  She is committed to the wellbeing and development of each child.  Caroline has a great awareness of every child's individual needs and will make sure they are met and supported.  Caroline will also give the same support to children's parents and carers.  She is an amazing lady and West Rise Nursery is very lucky to have her.

Sarah Peachey - (Parent) 27.11.20

My son attended the Nursery for one year before he started at the school. He very quickly picked up the pace of pre-school and the transition period from pre-school to reception was so easy, because they work alongside each other the next step is a stress free one.

I currently have my four year old daughter at the Nursery. When she first started when she was only two, she was very quiet and depended on her brother, who was two years older than her, to communicate with the nursery staff and to play with. Once he moved to reception, she was very much on her own. When we spoke to the nursery about our concerns, we put a plan in place to get her talking and making her own friends. Within a couple of months she was talking with lots of different words and also made her own friends. I am so pleased that we could work alongside nursery staff and get her independent and confident enough to help her through a difficult transition period of losing her brother from the environment that she became so dependent upon.

Rachel Vaudrey (Parent) 5.02.20

Caroline and the team at West Rise Nursery are amazing! My two youngest have attended the Nursery. My son had his own struggles but they supported him through his journey at Nursery and helped support his transition into Reception. My daughter is at the Nursery at the present time, she cries on the days she doesn’t attend. She has progressed so much since coming to the Nursery. The bonds she has with the staff is lovely to see, she has even named her teddies after them! I would have been lost without the support the Nursery staff have given myself and my family. We love being part of the West Rise Nursery family.

Mrs Leslie (Parent) 29.01.20