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Year One - Summer Term 2

Throughout this term we will be exploring what it means to be kind and respectful to others and our environment. We will be learning about caring for others as well as being respectful of others feelings, views and beliefs.

We will be continuing the fabulous topic of ‘Wonderful Nature’. However, this term we will be leaning more towards gardens and parks, as well as mini beasts. We will be using super inspiring books like ‘Bog Baby’, ‘The King of Tiny Things’ by Jeanne Willis and ‘Into the garden’ to have great adventures using our imaginations as we shrink into a mini beast size and explore the garden.

During our learning journey afternoons, we will be looking at the artist Matisse and using his work to inspire our own. We will also be having great fun towards the end of the summer term when we have a wonderful creative arts project, with singing, dancing, acting, arts and crafts which will run for a couple of weeks. What a fun way to end the year and celebrate all of the children’s hard work!

In Maths, we will be continuing to practise all of the skills we have be learning throughout the year. We will be recapping 'time' (o’clock and half past),counting in 2s, 10s and now introducing 5s, addition and subtraction and incorporating these sums into word problems. We will be looking at sequencing 'time' such as morning, afternoon and evening as well as the days of the week, months and years. We will also be looking at measure in 'cm' and capacity.

Thank you so much for all your support with helping your children practise their reading and learn their spellings at home. This support really does make a difference to their progress and confidence.

Finally, just a reminder that we are trialing coming into school with our P.E kits already on every Thursday so we are ready for our lesson. We no longer need to bring them in the P.E bag. Can we also ask that now the summer has finally arrived, your child comes to school with a sun hat and has sun cream on as we will be spending lots more time learning outside.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Year 1 Team


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