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January 2020

AHOY Me Hearties!

Pirates from ‘Happening History’ took our Year 1 children back to the old days when Pirates sailed the seas, with an interactive and fun-filled workshop. The children loved dressing-up as Pirates, and learning about what it was like to be on board a Pirate ship.  Demi said “my favourite part was wearing the Pirate hat because it was stylish”.

Part of the workshop involved learning about the Pirate code, the different weapons the pirates used such as cannonballs and swords,after which the children had a go at attacking a ship and stealing the treasure! Jovan said his favourite part was “getting the treasure and throwing cannonballs at the pirates!

All the children had fun learning about how the pirates navigated their way across the sea and practiced using a compass and looking through a telescope.  They also learnt about the different types of food the pirates would have eaten on board ship.

Everyone had a great day!