We are very proud to call ourselves a 'Wellbeing First' School - wellbeing for children, wellbeing for staff and wellbeing for our families.


Our 'Tree Roots' Curriculum (that is available to view below) underpins and is integral to all other learning and is backed by the latest neuroscience and educational research. 


By learning about all of the strands of Wellbeing as listed in our 'Tree Roots' curriculum, the children learn to know that they have inner sparkle they can use this to shine.



Staff wellbeing is also taken very seriously at West Rise.  Children are often reflections of ourselves, we therefore need our staff team to be calm, together, focused and fully fit for teaching.

For this to happen we offer staff a dedicated Wellness Room where staff are encouraged to practise aspects of the Wellbeing curriculum for themselves.  It is also an expectation that as part of their Professional Standards, staff are fully up to date the research that underpins their wellbeing teaching.  



If you would like to find out more about our Wellbeing First Curriculum, or are interested in setting up a 'Wellness First' initiative in your establishment then please contact Mrs Louise Muller by email at lmuller@westriseinf.e-sussex.sch.uk