Why are we so special?


West Rise Infants is so much more than a school.


From the minute you walk in the door, you are stepping into a magical place of learning, care and excellence.  A unique place of outstanding expertise. A special place where excellent teaching and an ethos of empowerment permeates everything that you see, feel and hear. 


A stunning and stimulating place where children can immerse themselves in their learning.  An inspirational place of amazement and wonder, beauty, excitement and celebration - All of which makes West Rise Infant school a very special place indeed.


West Rise is also all about the heart.  A heart for children, a heart for family, a heart for inspirational learning and a heart for giving all who enter, a safe and happy environment that they can be part of.  It is for these reasons that children, parents and staff alike love being part of the West Rise family.


We are all so proud of our school, not only for the first class learning environment and opportunities that we offer the children, but for the progress that the children make, regularly outstripping the national averages for reading, writing and maths. 


We are proud that children often come to us from early starting points, but leave us knowing and feeling that they are the best that they can possibly be – nothing short of outstanding.


Come and see our children take risks, see them learn to trust themselves and each other - And watch them FLY.