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    Reception Autumn Term 1 2019   



We are delighted with the way that the children have begun to settle into school; the transition period has really helped us to get to know them, and for them to get to know us.  Could we also take the opportunity to thank all of you for helping your children come into school independently.  So many of your children are doing this so well that we now ask everybody to allow their child to come in by themselves. Saying goodbye to you at the door and bringing their own things into class is a great start to teaching children independence which is an important life skill. 

We would also like to thank you all for coming to our Parent Interviews at the beginning of term.   It was good to meet with you all and talk about your lovely children. 

Lots of the children have expressed an interest in having milk and we would remind you that when your child turns five their free milk ends and you would then need to apply online to continue  to receive this.

Our Topic this term is ‘All about me’. The children will enjoy many exciting learning experiences connected to this theme.  As Autumn arrives we will explore the magical changes of the seasons and if you find any autumn artefacts whilst out and about with your child, please bring them into school to put on our class displays!  Soon, our more detailed weekly planning will be sent home  in book bags every week.



On your child’s birthday they can wear their own clothes to school for that day to make your child feel extra special. They can also take Birthday Bear home and a Birthday Book, to record their special day with a picture and some writing.

We are very proud to be a Mind-Up school.  The children have already been practicing mindful breathing.  They know this will calm their brain and will help them to learn.


We love to celebrate children’s efforts and achievements at school – we want them to persevere even when they find things difficult. Each day, a child is chosen to sit on the special ‘Wise Owl’ chair - each child will eventually get a chance to sit on it!  They will bring home a certificate to show you when they have been a ‘Wise Old Owl’.

Also a reminder some children have brought in rucksacks, unfortunately we simply don't have room for rucksacks and would request that children only bring their book bag to school.

We are very much looking forward to our partnership with you all, to ensure a happy and rewarding year for these amazing children.



Many thanks for your continued support,

The Reception Team