The West Rise Way

A Curriculum for Excellence.





West Rise Community Infant School

A Curriculum for Excellence


‘Education influences and reflects the values of society and the kind of society we want to be’

(The School Curriculum and the National Curriculum: values, aims and purposes)


At West Rise Community Infant School we aim to create a rich and stimulating curriculum that will captivate and enthuse each child. Our school values for learning are key threads that weave through all we do. We seek to foster the following values in all of our children and adults – at West Rise we are all learning.


Independence and Growth Mindset Respect and Emotional Engagement.


At West Rise we believe that the best education secures the full holistic development of every child and this belief sits at the heart of our curriculum


‘To educate the whole child, head, heart, hands’ (Steiner)


The West Rise Curriculum for excellence is designed to fulfil the school aims:


 We need our school to be a place:


·        That is a safe, happy and beautiful place

·        Where people are supportive of one another

·        That is unique and visionary

·        Where the curriculum is exciting and challenging

·        Where children are given opportunities to excel in all areas of school life

·        That is respectful of differences and allows all individuals the freedom to grow academically, personally and socially

·        That is at the heart of the community and where partnerships are valued

·        That develops and encourages global awareness and respect for the Planet in which we live



By the time children leave our school they will be confident, positive and tolerant of others and will have a thirst for learning.



      West Rise Community Infant School

         ‘Achieving Excellence for Every Child’


The Curriculum the ‘Nitty Gritty’! 


What, How?

A curriculum which is broad, balanced, flexible, relevant, inclusive and well planned; it is well matched to individual need, providing the context for in depth learning. It will:


·        Have at its core the key skills of language and literacy, mathematics and Science  ICT, problem solving, creative and critical thinking and PSHE

·        Be based on the development of these skills

·        Be connected through themes each term which will excite and stimulate learners

·        Offer children opportunity to learn about their world

·        Be built on what the child already knows and can do

·        Be carefully planned with the long term skills based planning informing the next planning stages

·        Be developmental and inclusive through careful differentiation

·        Carefully resourced to excite, challenge and inspire

·        Offer opportunities for sustained deep learning and for exploration                               



               Every day I will wonder what will I learn today?


The Curriculum the ‘Nitty Gritty’! 

 Where, Who?

 A curriculum which enables children to learn together in a high quality teaching and learning environment.          


  It will:

·        Exemplify high standards through organisation and display

·        Be safe and stimulating

·        Present variety and challenge in design and layout

·        Create a purposeful yet calm and harmonious environment for learning

·        Be highly appropriate for the children learning either indoors or outdoors



A curriculum which is understood by adults teaching and owned by those learning.

It will be successful because :


·        Teachers have outstanding knowledge of the pedagogy of teaching and assessment for learning

·        Teachers ensure children are supported, nurtured, and challenged as learners

·        Teachers provide continuity and progression at points of transition

·        There is mutual respect and supportive partnerships between teachers and parents/carers

·        Teachers set targets for development for individual children who can then contribute to evaluation of their learning

·        Teachers remove barriers to learning for individuals and groups of learners

·        Teachers bring to the child the world of art, music, sporting and cultural activities




‘Since we cannot know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless trying to teach it in advance. Instead we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned’  John Holt


Our Vision and Aims are supported by our core values as learners.


Through our teaching we aim to instil in learners the values of



Independence and a Growth Mindset

Respect and Emotional Engagement.


This means we will enable all learners to develop their capabilities as confident successful learners.



Our school is a place where uniqueness is treasured and where ideas and originality are valued and praised. Teachers will encourage investigation, exploration, questioning and thinking. Learners will have time to develop their ideas and to refine or adapt their thinking.




·        Provide time for thinking

·        Engaged in sustained and shared thinking

·        Encourage discussion and talk time

·        Ask questions to challenge thinking

·        Praise innovation

·        Provide constructive feedback and marking

·        Set high expectations

·        Create an environment that is conducive to creativity

·        Have openness in their own thinking


To be creative, recognise your own uniqueness, have the confidence to use your ideas and rise to challenge



Our school is a place where children are encouraged to use initiative and think for themselves.

Learning Environments are developed to encourage autonomy. The use of ‘common sense’ is valued.


The curriculum provides opportunities for both adult led and child initiated learning.

A problem is just a challenge to be solved,


TEACHERS WILL:                                                                                              


·        Encourage children to use their initiative                                                                                               

·        Expect children to think for themselves, including knowing who and when to ask for support                                                                                          

·        Provide time for children to plan do and review their learning

·        Develop a learning environment which allows exploration and investigation

·        Support children in making connections in their learning

·        Adapt and experiment to fit a purpose

·        Model and encourage taking a risk, having a go


Be original…Be brave…Be perseverant…Trust Yourself



It is expected that all interaction at West Rise will be of a respectful nature. All learners will be

supported by their adults and by each other to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence….. when our emotional well being is high we are more likely to learn.

Equally the more emotionally involved in the learning process we are the deeper the learning.


TEACHERS WILL:                                                                                               


·        Encourage children to express their emotions appropriately

·        Expect children to know who and when to ask for support                                                                                          

·        Expect children to respect each learners right to learn

·        Develop a learning environment which provides opportunities for calmness and reflection

·        Expect children to listen well and engage fully in the learning process

·        Provide opportunities for deep and extended learning

·        Model emotionally intelligent behaviour and set an atmosphere of total respect


Know that you are a special and valued person just the same as every other learner. Respect and care for each other very well and always give of your best.

The West Rise Way – A Curriculum for Excellence


The curriculum is planned so as to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum. But not only that, it is in essence a Learning Journey to and on the West Rise Island of Learning. The following curriculum overview presents a yearly view of the themes that will be taught in each year group, themes which are planned to ensure that children will receive a good curriculum balance.


Each theme presents an umbrella under which a woven curriculum sits – it is expected that all Foundation Subjects will be woven together to link into the theme heading, thus providing a connected curriculum for the learner.


There will of course be times when a specific skill will be taught outside of the theme or, when a theme doesn’t fit the skills and understanding that are to be taught.


The curriculum at West Rise is skill and knowledge based and as such planned to ensure key understanding as well as key skill acquisition


English and Mathematics


These subjects will be planned from and taught according to the National Framework expectations but absolutely planned and delivered the West Rise Way. Teaching will follow a logical and highly appropriate approach targeted carefully to meet individual needs.


The key texts will be chosen to support the theme but also according to suitability of content for the teaching of specific skills. Texts will be studied in depth over the course of at least two weeks so as to ensure full engagement with the text and the deepest literacy learning.


The Foundation Subjects, ICT and Science


These subjects will be planned from the National Curriculum. In planning the long term overview year group teams ensure that the programmes of study are planned for the foundation subjects ICT and Science are planned for.


Class teachers have a clear idea of the level descriptors within the subjects and use these when making their assessment of learning during the term.


At the end of each short term, assessments are analysed and evaluated. Targets set and next steps planned.