School Uniform

This is our new school logo. 

It was recently redesigned and we are very pleased with the results.

The children are required to wear fully named school uniform at all times, unless it is an organised mufti event. 

Boys are asked to wear a white shirt, grey or black trousers and the school jumper (which can be purchased at the school office).



Girls are asked to wear a black or grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers, accompanied by a white shirt and the school jumper or cardigan (which again can be purchased from the school office).




Sensible flat shoes are required at all times to ensure safety on the playground.

A sun hat is advisable in Summer and an appropriate coat is advised during the Autumn and Winter months.



Children are asked to bring a West Rise book bag to school with them.  West Rise book bags are available to purchase from the school office.




In the Summer months, the girls can wear any style of blue and white check Summer dress.

The children are required to have appropriate PE kit in school at all times.

They are asked to wear a pair of shorts and a plain T-shirt.

It is also necessary for the children to have appropriate footwear for PE lessons.  Plimsoles are preferred but trainers are also acceptable. Please ensure that all PE kits are brought to school in a drawstring bag, as they are less bulky on the coat pegs that they are stored on. West Rise drawstring bags can also be purchased from the school office.

Each child has their own water bottle in class and has access to it at all times.


It is very important for the children to have access to water throughout the day.