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International Schools

We were absolutely delighted to start back to school in September with the news that we have been awarded the prestigious International School Award from the British Council.

This Award recognises the commitment to internationalism at our school and how the ‘international  dimension’ is fully embedded across our whole Curriculum.

Children are given opportunities to find out about and respect other cultures,countries and celebrations and to consider childrens’ Rights and Responsibilities. They learn songs from other countries, listen to traditional stories and music from around the world, explore the work of different artists and have engaged in collaborative projects with our Link school in India.

Our whole school ‘Global Week’ in the Summer Term was a huge hit; children enjoyed the break from the normal timetable, to find out about a range of countries represented by children in our school, with activities such as a flamenco dance demonstration and a stir fry noodle cookery workshop!

Our annual International Evening is always very popular, when parents, staff and children are all invited back to school, bringing with them a dish from another country, to share some international cuisine. Yum!