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Year Two Newsletter - Autumn Term 2 2021

Welcome back to Term 2!  Can you believe we are nearing the end of 2021 already?!  This term we have said goodbye to our Castles topic which we celebrated with a lovely banquet where we enjoyed Medieval music, dancing and with some children trying their hand at juggling and seeing if they could make the King and Queen laugh with their jokes!  

We are now on an exciting adventure to find out about ‘Dragons and Mythical Beasts!’  We have already looked at some mythical beasts and have created our own including a habitat for them.  We will be finding out about some of the myths and legends from around the world and will even be writing some of our own about our own Mythical beast!

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In English we will be exploring lots of beautiful texts about dragons such as 'The Paper Bag Princess' and ‘The Snow Dragon’.  We will be using ideas from these to create our own stories and will also be ensuring we are secure in the important writing skills of spelling and punctuation.

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In Maths we are consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction using a new method for Maths Mastery.  We will be starting each area of focus with a practical session and then building on this to develop pictorial representations and finally recording our work.  As the term moves on we will also begin to look at multiplication and finding out about repeated addition.   We will also be working on doubles, halves and of course continuing our counting patterns of 2s, 5s, 10s.

Our Learning Journey afternoons will be focussed to our topic of Dragons and Mythical beasts with lots of creative opportunities to make and create as well as to explore ideas from other countries.  Next week we also hope to make some Dragon Juice smoothies and try some Dragon Fruit!

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We are also planning a Science week in December where we will be investigating properties of materials and finding the best material for the job!  Look out for more information coming soon!  

Our focus for Wellbeing this half term is exploring mindfulness using the senses, developing good friendships and celebrating being a Wise Old Owl learner at school and at home.

Also, thank you to those of you who came to Parent Consultations.  It was so lovely to meet with you all and share how well your children have settled as we build their independence even further!  If you have not yet seen your child’s teacher please do check your child’s book bag for their targets so that you are aware of what they are working on in school.  

Please continue to support and encourage your child with reading, spellings and Friday Challenges at home, it really does make a difference!