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Year 2 Summer Term 1 2022

Happy Summer time Parents/Carers!


Welcome back to school. It was so lovely to have our first trip on Monday, the children were amazing!


Our topic this term is ‘Our Wonderful World’.  We will be discussing and looking at ways of protecting our dear old planet Earth and how to help some of the endangered animals such as tigers and polar bears to name but a few.  This topic feeds into Science, DT, Literacy and Music – in fact every subject come to think of it!  We are excited to learn about wonders of the world too such as volcanoes and earthquakes!

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So… Our English focus is story writing.  We will be enjoying lots of fabulous books and using these to develop our own story language.


In Science we will be researching animals, habitats and learning about why some are endangered.


In Art we will looking at the stunningly beautiful tiger paintings by Henri Rousseau and recreate our own interpretations of these!

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In Maths we will be revising work covered already, as well as learning Place Value, Problem Solving, Time, Monday and Fractions.


Continuing our Global Link, we will be looking at the many countries which house endangered animals.

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Please keep up the good work with homework: spellings, reading and Friday Challenges, to give your children the best chance of success.  You have all done such a good job so far!


The Year Two Team