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Year 1 Newsletter - Summer Term 1 2021

Welcome back – can you believe that it is the summer term already?!! The children have come back to school from the lockdown beautifully and are excited to get stuck into learning lots of new things.

Our learning this term will be ‘Wonderful Nature’. This will inspire our work and we will be looking at many books including ‘Bog Baby’ and‘ The king of tiny things’ by Jean Williams and Gwen Millward to inspire writing. The children will find out all that Bog Baby needs to be happy and healthy and how to care for him.

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In our learning journey afternoons we will be looking closely at seeds and plants. We will be growing sunflowers and cress from seeds, looking at what they need to grow into healthy plants. We will also be conducting some exciting experiments to see what happens when plants don’t have all they need.

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In Maths we are going to be continuing focusing on number, addition and subtraction as well as introducing simple word problems. We will be using a range of ways to find the answers including on number lines and using tens and ones.

Our wellbeing focus for this term will be continuing to centre around the brain and how we can use our learning tool kits to focus better, helping us learn more.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you check that ALL PE KITS and school clothes have your child’s name in them. Also, please make sure that your child has a full PE kit in school at all times. The children have grown! Their plimsolls/trainers may be a bit tight now.

Finally, could we please remind you to read and practise your child’s phonic sounds and tricky words as much as possible. This homework is important, the more they practise the more they remember.

Thank you for all your hard work in helping your children over lockdown and thank you as always for your ongoing support.


Year One Team