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Reception Summer Term 2 2022

Welcome back to the final summer term. Goodness, hasn’t the year flown by? Your children have made wonderful progress and we are confident that by the time July arrives they will be ready to embark on the next stage of their school life.  These next seven weeks will be filled with lots of exciting learning experiences and fun! 


Our ‘Under the sea’ topic this term has started with our stunning start trip to the ‘Sealife Centre’ in Brighton. It was truly amazing to see your little ones faces beam with joy at seeing the sea creatures up close. A huge thank you again to all parents that helped on the school trip. 


Leading from this trip, we will continue to dive ‘Under The Sea’ and will be learning about how to identify sea creatures and interesting facts about them. The children will also learn about water and sun safety. 

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We will be reading the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and using this story to continue to talk about sharing and being kind to others. 

In Mathematics, we will continue to use objects and pictorial representations to subitise, add and subtract numbers to 10 and 20. Furthermore, we will continue to explore measure, particularly focusing on capacity. Our science investigations will explore natural processes such as floating and sinking. 

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In our learning journey afternoons the children will continue to learn vocabulary to talk about the sea- side and sea creatures. If you can, please take the time to have a walk along the seafront, visiting the beach and paddling in the sea so that children are able to draw upon this experience for their learning. Developing children’s speaking and communication skills is a big part of our curriculum.

In Art, We have been busy making sea creature crafts. We will be making rainbow fish, jelly fish and sea turtles to name a few. Our featured artist this term is LS Lowry - he paints beautiful seascapes and boats. We will be exploring the techniques he uses and having a go ourselves. 



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The children will also be exploring lots of musical instruments and singing ‘Under the sea songs.’      A copy of the songs we have been learning will be sent home for you to learn with your child too. 


Our Mindful curriculum is very much at the core where we prepare the children for their transition to Year One. Gratitude for all they have learned, gratitude for ‘growing their brains’ and optimism and enthusiasm for what they are about to learn and experience in the future. 


Thank you as always for your support and working in partnership this year.