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Reception Newsletter - Summer Term 1 2021

Welcome back to an action packed summer term! 


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and would like to take the opportunity to welcome you and your children back to school. 


Reception are currently engaging in our “Global Adventurers’ topic and we have started with the story ‘Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne. We will be enjoying a variety of activities based around this story, including tasting fruit, retelling and acting out the story, finding out about African animals and comparing Handa’s life in Kenya with our lives in England. Also this term, we will be continuing to follow the children’s interests and develop learning through their investigation and play. 


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In phonics, we will be continuing to practise phonic sounds through lots of fun and practical activities. 


The children will also have lots of opportunities to consolidate their knowledge of numbers, for those children who are confident to 10 we will be looking at number patterns using Numicon to 20 and beyond. We will be spending time everyday counting up to and back from 20 and will continue to use physical resources to explore skills including addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and sharing. 

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In PE we will be enjoying using the sports hall to play games that concentrate on spatial awareness and agility. We will play games that encourage children to follow rules and help progress their speed and movement.

Our Mindful Curriculum this term will focus to ‘growth’. We will be continuing to learn how to ‘grow’ our brains by developing a growth Mindset represented by ‘Wise Old Owl’ who always has a go and is not afraid to make mistakes, as he will continue to learn. 

 Now the weather is becoming warmer- can we remind you to send in named sun hats and sun cream to use on hot days.

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Thank you once again for all your continued support.


Reception Team